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Die Ferne


Der User Patrick hat bei Youtube geschrieben:

 „I hope it’s not just me, but I can’t find much to recommend adulthood as a way of life. It’s crowded, dense, filled with confusion and pain, moronic rules that have little if anything to do with the attainment of anything even remotely resembling happiness and the stultifying truth of death. The rotten stench of unfulfilled dreams permeates every nook and cranny of the mind.
One’s heart becomes permanently scarred by the shards of the mirror of innocence that got hurtled against some midnight wall some once-upon-a-time time, when you weren’t quite sober and you weren’t quite drunk.
There’s never enough money, the knees start to fail, loved ones die, and everything seems to be bloody full of it. There’s no one’s hand to hold, no secret garden where coconuts are shrunken heads and lightning bugs spell strange words that only you can understand.“

 „Van Morrison is the master of lush and honest nostalgia. He leads us all back to that time when life made more sense. He’s a ferryman, and his route is to yon shore, where all of us can, fleetingly and sadly, warm our weary grown up bones beside the campfire where marshmallows and twigs are scattered at our bare feet and moonbeams really can be captured in a jar. Thank you, Van Morrison, for the courage to be lost and the strength to be authentic.“