Tablesaw Crosscut Fence (3D Print)

A small project for my Proxxon Micromot FET table saw.

This was the first try of a 3D printed rail mount for the crosscut fence with my Ender 3 Pro. Small pieces with screw holes, mounted on a wooden square timber.

After creating the needed 3D drawing, it took around 50 minutes to print two of them in PLA (Polylactic).

They are nice pieces, but I learned soon, that there is too much movement of the screws in their holes and the support pressure is limited.

So - here is the new, improved version, with more support for the cross fence and with three screw holes.

I also included small annular chunks in the screw holes, to provide more stability to the screw threads.

Here we have the final result. After small adjustments with filing, they fit really well.

And here they are mounted on the wooden square timber.

You can find more images and more details here: My discussion board (in german)

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