Not so Smartwatch

Maybe some of you know a little bit about Pebble, which was a small smartwatch with LCD and later E-paper display and long-lasting battery-life. The amount of applications was small (but still big, because of modifications) and there was a huge fanbase, until the company stopped the production and sold to Fitbit. It was a nice watch, although I never owned one, but I liked the retro charme and limited amount of functions. I like simple things, without unnecessary & useless stuff, but still part of the time & new generation. And so I searched for months for alternative solutions... Finally, a few weeks ago I found one: the Amazfit Bip watch. Strange name, but cheap (~70 €) with nice functions and important...

...a small size, light weight (30 gram) and the display is always one. And guess what? Yes, battery is still running 40~30 days with one-time charge. Combined with notifications (vibration-alarm and read first sentences of mails, SMS, Whatsapp,...), heart frequency, fitness & step/sport & sleep tracker, count of calories, weather, alarm, timer, countdown, compass, different watch faces and Bluetooth connection & sync with my android smartphone. Enough functions to be happy, limited enough to stay relaxed.

So I can't make a call or talk with it, I can't write or answer with it, it can't play songs or control anything on my phone, there are no connections to Alexa, Siri and other stuff, no Google Maps or navigation, no news reading or surfing, no videos or music player, there is no app store and also no other applications or other tools. So it isn't really a smartwatch, it's more a digital watch with improved functions.

It has (in my opinion) the flow and emotion of old Casio watches of the 90s, where you could save telephone numbers and make simple calculations or control the TV. Cool, but still basic stuff and this new generation of watch here invokes this good old day memories. I don't need more... a little bit of body & day tracking (for the fun), office mail notifications during the day & in meetings and weather (because sometimes I have no idea, what's going on outside the temperature shielded air-condition office, until I get out and get hit by 35 or 15 degrees). I'm happy. \o/

There is on basic app for the smartphone, which syncs during the day and where you can check you distance, sleeping activities, targets and change some settings on the watch. But that's it, still enough limited.

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