A simple pen & paper game without abusing horses

Run on the track

The main action is based on the following run table. This values define, how many fields the horses move down the stretch during the race. The values are adjusted, based on the statistical pattern of two dices and are also smoothed. This gives us results, that are very similar and provide us exciting head on head races.

How to use it?

  • For the basic game you just use the first [Fields] column, to move the horse over the track.
  • If you want to have more action, you can also consider some of the additional values.
  • If the run result gives a FALL or MINOR value, roll the dices again and adjust the first column values with the additional impact [Minor] or [Fall], based on the result of the roll.
  • The [Jump] column will only be used on tracks with fences (see Tracks). Each time, you come to a fence, you have to roll the dices and use the result of the Jump column, to adjust the final value of the move, based on the last fields value.
  • The Lash value is optional and can only be used one time in each race, but it can also fail and you get maybe disqualified for aggressive usage. So it's a risky game and can end your race. The background is, that I don't want to support lashes in general and I think this kind of implementation is a nice workaround.


Downloads in work (June 2023)