Morse Code Keyer (USB)

November 2019

So, let's dismantle this old mouse...

...and combine some wood and a spring, to use it as very simple morse code keyer for ham radio communication training.

The left mouse button is just a simple button with two soldered contacts. Simple stuff, so let's use that for the next step...

Let's take a profile brass and cut it...

... then drill some holes into it, supported with some oil.

Then we cut out two similar wooden parts as brackets.

After gluing, sanding and drilling, we combine the wood with the brass profile and two springs.

The soft, smaller one, holds the back, the second, bigger one provides the backpressure.

Two washers let move the brass arm smoothly between the two wooden brackets...

...and the two cables are connected to the mouse button contacts. If you press down the handle, the metal closes the circuit and simulate a long or short mouse button click. Easy, fast and simple. Now it's possible to train morse code (clicks) with USB support.

Edit: later I changed the contact points with a second button... better and quieter. \o/

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