A simple pen & paper game without abusing horses


Here you can find 100 optional Jockeys for your races.

The Jockeys are optional and can be used for more details during the race, but are not necessary for standard races. At the moment, the [Age] and [Weight] values are not used for now.

The [Jump] value is a bonus (if not 0), that can be used one time in each race, to adjust one of the jump results of the RUN table. The [Lash] value can be used (if not 0) one time in each race, to improve the second power (P2) value during the race. The [Minor] and [Fall] values can also be used, to reduce the impact of a minor accident or fall during the race, but only one time in each race for every horse.

It's only possible, to improve the value in the range between -4 and 0. The OUT result (see RUN table) can't be changed with this values.