Collection of my photos: closed

May 2019

After a long toing and froing, I've finally decided to close my huge photo collection on my other domain ( It doesn't feel right and useful anymore... today the World Wide Web ozes out of photos and every day billions of images are sent over chats and other digital ways to family members, friends, colleagues or groups. And I ask myself more frequently: Why all this?

After more than 3 decades of taking pictures, also self developing analog black & white photos in the dark room in my youth, I take them only for myself now... because it makes me happy inside. But to share them, doesn't make sense anymore and serves more or less only for feelings like "Does everybody see my experiences?"... which doesn't mean, that it's positive and to be honest: should make one thoughtful. There is also the fundamental question: Who hasn't seen an autumn leaf? Or a spring flower or a view of Vienna or the inner city? Who wants to see photos of the clock museum - instead of visiting it? Who has never photographed a sunset or a yawning cat? I think we all know the answer.

There is a strange kind of new period of human life and generation these days. Never before in the human history we captured more of our world around. Everyday we create billions and more images and we track and rasterize everything everywhere 24 hours a day, 365 days every year. And somehow the fascination of photos and suprises decreases slowly... in my personal opinion.

The same is true for all of these selfie photos. I can watch their emergence in the château park of Schönbrunn more or less every day... tired people capture themself for some happy, great and fantastic seconds of fake life... with a broad grin, inclined head and outstreched arms... to show everybody else in their network their fantastic, glorious life in the front of the fountain. Of course next to 20 other tourists with the same face and after the image, they walk again with this tired, emotionless face to the next seconds of life. A time of artificiality and ostentation of ideal clichés.

So, in the future, I will collect only some selected photos as personal reminders of important moments in my life - here on my page - and to share them with very close friends, but there will be no new, open, big gallery project, where I save all of them online and spread them in the digital sphere. The time is over and there are enough of them out there.

But that's okay and I feel happy, calm and good with this decision. \o/

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