A simple pen & paper game without abusing horses

About the game

New hobby

During the lockdown in Europe, I was searching for some analog games, that can be played alone and work with imagination and don't need fancy graphics, boards or other stuff. So I discovered dice & paper games, which use just a few dices and some decision tables. I don't know why, but after baseball and similar sport games, I stumbled over horse racing games, got hooked and now you are reading this page here.


Today there are already many different horse race games out there... hundreds and more. Printed game boards with tiny horses, fences and also virtual game simulations for PCs and other ones. There are multiplayer online platforms online, where you can breed, train and race horses against other people too. And you can find endless commercial and personal variations of pen & dice games on discussion boards (for example Delphi forums) and other websites since many years.

One of the best and also inspiration for my own game is Top of the stretch by Lon Whitehead and Fast Action Horse Racing by Patrick Premo, both are still available to buy and my absolute personal favorites!

Detailed races

But I wanted to have a full race in all details, not a fast, quick result based one and I want a kind of race, where you can see the progress of each horse and always have a visual imagination, where on the track it is and the position and also experience sometimes unexpected surprises. But everything without a printed board, drawings, pieces, online registration, installation on a device and so on.

This is the reason, why I'm creating my own, tiny Thoroughbred racing game, where you just need a pen, paper, two standard dices, some of the decision tables and some very simple number calculations, that everybody can solve in the head, so that - again - everybody can play it. If you want, you can also play it on a board (printed or just draw the course with the pen) for better imagination.

I try to develop my own, personal game and I'm avoiding to look at other, existing games and ideas, because it makes fun, to think about and tinker around by myself on this project. I don't have specific plans or targets for it, it's more a fun hobby aside my own daily life and there are for sure better horse racing games out there. But if you like to play it, you're welcome!


Because of licenses and trademark challenges, I use randomized horse names & values and fictitious tracks and conditions. This is a pity and somehow it would be nice, to have a game foundation, based on real horses and races, but I decided to create my own race series and to avoid legal issues with this approach.

No bets

At the moment there is also no bet part included, because I don't like the connect to gambling for money and have no plans to include that for now.