A simple pen & paper game without abusing horses

Real horse races = abusing animals

I don't like real horse races.

They are wrong and not okay and people abuse animals for personal fun and money. I don't support them and in my personal opinion they should be banned.

But I watched one day some random videos and also old, recorded horse races from the 70s, 80s and 90s and they were really spectacular, exciting and impressive.

You can see and feel an example of the power and speed: Youtube: Example 1 or Example 2 , so somehow it's visually great and interesting.

I also know, that a lot of people in this sport (industry) really love horses and do a lot for them and also after their retirement, take care of them and so on, on the other hand we always have to take a closer look on the situation on all levels worldwide and aside some famous horses and their owners and the ones without a lot of money & support in the background.

And there is the main problem... horses fall down, have strokes, get injured, break their legs, get beaten, castrated, are pushed with medical support and sometimes they will be "destroyed" and so on because of the race sport itself. Example: 22 dead horses on one, single race track in the US in three months. And a few hundreds more during the year on other tracks combined, not counted the injured ones.

Instead I created my own, simple pen & paper dice horse race game, which provides the possibility to have the same joy, but the action happens in your head and on some paper - and no real horses are abused.

And I think that is the best and also a healthy and good way, to solve the dilemma between a spectacular race sport & fun, love horse and on the other hand avoiding the abuse of animals at the same time.