A simple pen & paper game without abusing horses

Horse Racing Simulation


On this page, you will find a self-made, personal pen and paper game that can easily fit in your pocket. Whether you choose to play alone or with friends, it offers the excitement of horse racing without any harm to animals. Select your favorite horse, jockey and race track, and with additional elements like weather, jumps, and more, roll the dice until you reach the wire!


I'm starting to work on some adapted, additional horse values and also printed cards. There will be also some new tracks, jockeys and run tables soon.

To have a place to think and discuss about improvements, changes or also thoughts about the game, I installed a discussion board, that you can find here: Forum. Feel free to add questions or opinions! I'm still working on the download-sheet, but will release it in a few days after some fixes.

I updated most of the racing table descriptions and restructured the content, so that it is easy to read. I also added some screenshots for better imagination. The next step will be some example races and the downloads.

See more news in the Archive.


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