A simple pen & paper game without abusing horses

Horse Racing Simulation


On this page you can find a self made, personal pen & paper game for your pocket, that you can play alone or with friends and experience the joy of horse racing without abusing animals. Select your favorite horse, jockey and a race track and with some additional values like weather, jumps and more, you roll the dices until you reach the wire!


I uploaded the first draft version as single PDF-Files in one combined ZIP-file, that you can find in the download section of the discussion board. This is a preview of the upcoming main release.

To have a place to think and discuss about improvements, changes or also thoughts about the game, I installed a discussion board, that you can find here: Forum. Feel free to add questions or opinions! I'm still working on the download-sheet, but will release it in a few days after some fixes.

I updated most of the racing table descriptions and restructured the content, so that it is easy to read. I also added some screenshots for better imagination. The next step will be some example races and the downloads.

See more news in the Archive.


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