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BlosHome 1.0.6 alpha

BlosHome allows you to remote manage articles and categories of a Blosxom blog.
Neither blogging API nor additional server-side installation are required. You prepare your articles locally (off-line) in a visual editor (said WYSIWYG for "What You See Is What You Get"), then publish them to the categories you wish.

Main features
* Projects management (as many blogs you want)
* Preparation of the articles without necessity to be connected
* Unity of the article and its eventual attached images
* Management of the remote categories on the blog itself
* Session log (all useful infos are kept)
* Safe, taking care to avoid dangerous operations
* Automatic archiving of published articles (realtime backup & cache)
* Possibility to publish a private preview (requires a blosxom plugin)
* Possibility to indicate an article lede (requires a blosxom plugin)

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