BLOSXOM a minimalistic & free blog engine - for people, who love the power of zen! Plain textfiles... Mmhhhhh, yummy!

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A minimalist blog engine

Blosxom is one of the oldest minimalistic blog engines in the history of the world wide web. It's a raw, solid and simple script, written in Perl. It was developed originaly by Rael Dornfest and exists since ~2003. It uses simple textfiles instead of a database, unlike most blog software, and runs on every standard, cheap and even crappy webspace and server with CGI until today. It can deal with hundreds of entries and provides also dynamic or static output (experts). You can simply call it the 'zen of blogging' - it's for all real bloggers, who want to 'blog' - and nothing else.

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Blosxom is a simple CGI script that requires not much more than being put somewhere Web-accessible, told where it is, optionally configured a little, blessed with permission to run and let loose on an unsuspecting public.

You need: a Webserver (Apache, IIS,...), Perl 5 (4 or 5, preferably the latter), FTP-Access (for uploading blosxom.cgi-file, CHMOD it and create folders), simple Texteditor (for changing blosxom.cgi and write your blog-entries) and a little knowledge about HTML & CSS (to customize your blog). That's it!


Basic Perl script: Blosxom 2.1.2
Extend with more than 400 plugins: Plugins
Desktop-Client for Windows: BlosHome 1.0.6 alpha EN/FR (*New*)

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